Adler Ortho® is a private company specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing articular prosthesis and other medical products for the orthopaedic market.

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Provide Orthopaedic Surgeons with innovative implants by employing the most advanced technologies, allowing patients to have a fast return to active life

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Adler Ortho® started operating in 2004, so it’s a relatively young company. However it has solid and far-reaching roots. The founding group of managers originate from various companies, with an extensive experience in the Italian and international orthopaedic market, and have been previously known for launching important technological innovations.

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Adler Ortho® in Italy has sales and marketing offices in Milan, Verona, Bologna and Rome, and covers the national territory with a network of agents and distributors. The company has also direct commercial operations in France, Belgium, UK and Germany. The sales network in the other countries is constantly expanding through commercial agreements with various national distributors.

Via Dell’Innovazione, 9 - 20032 Cormano (Mi)
Tel. +39 02.6154371
Fax +39 02.615437222


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