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Adler Ortho srl is a private company specialised in designing, manufacturing and marketing articular prosthesis and other medical products for the orthopaedic sector.


Although a relatively young company, which began operating in 2004, Adler Ortho has solid and far-reaching roots. The founding group of managers originate from various companies, with an extensive experience in the Italian and international orthopaedic market, and have launched important technological innovations.
Some of the most important being the introduction of modular necks in hip replacements, whose patent dates back to 1987, or the production and marketing in Europe (under licence from the Hospital for Special Surgery of New York) of one of the first modern knee prosthesis: the IB II prosthesis.


To develop and supply orthopaedic surgeons with reliable and innovative implants, requiring reproducible and simple surgical techniques and instruments, by applying the most advanced technologies, in order to provide patients with a fast functional recovery and return to an active life.
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