Genus FB CR

Total Knee Prosthesis


Main features:

Cruciate retaining fixed bearing total knee prosthesis.

The Cobalt-Chrome made femoral components are available in 7 left and right sizes, both cemented and cementless

Constant curvature femoral articular surface.

Fixed articular insert made in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene available in 5 thicknesses, both in the standard (CR) and in the lateral sliding (CR-LS) versions.

Universal Titanium alloy made Tibial tray available in 7 sizes, both cemented and cementless. Cementless tibial implants are manufactured employing the powder manufacturing technology, featuring Ti-Por®

Both “resurfacing” and “inset” cemented as well as cementless patellar implants are available.

Tibial stem extensions are available also with Off-set couplers.