Genus MB PS

Total Knee Prosthesis


Main features:

Mobile Bearing Posterior-Stabilized Total kee prosthesis.

Cobalt-chrome made Ps Femoral components are available in 7 left and right sizes, both cemented and cementless

Femoral profile has been optimized in order to maximize both stability in flexion an ROM.

Universal Fixed PS inserts, made of Ultra Hihg Molecular Weight Polyethylene and available in 5 thicknesses.

Universal Co-Cr made Tibial alloy, and cemented and cementless. Cementless tibial implants are manufactured employing the powder manufacturing technology, featuring the Co-Por® tri-dimensional monolithic surface to surface to enhance primary stability and bone ingrowth.

Both “resurfacing” and “inset” cemented as well as cementless patellar implants are available.

Tibial stem extendions are available also with Off-set couplers.