Genus MB

Total Knee Prosthesis


Main features:

Mobile plate tricompartimental knee prosthesis

Femoral compents in cobalt-chrome alloy available in 7 right and left sizes and in cemented and uncemented versions.

Tibial bases in cobalt-chrome alloys available in 7 sizes and in cemented and uncemented versions. The cementless tibial base is manufactured employing Powder Manufacturing technology and features Co-Por® monolithic ingrowth surface.

Mobile inserts in extremely high molecular weight polyethylene, available in 5 different thicknesses in the standard, ultra-congruent HPS, and Lateral Sliding versions.

Possibility of using “resurfacing” or “inset” patellar components or both in cemented and uncemented version.

Various measurements of tibial stems are available, with the possibility of using a coupling module with offset.

The instruments are available in various versions:

-DFC (Distal First Cut)
-ARC (Anterior Rough Cut)
-PR (Posterior Refence) -Navgated

An instrument is available on request to tension the ligaments (Tensor), useful to accurately determine the space in flexion and extensions.