Custom Made Implants

Custom Made

Adler Ortho® employs Powder Manufacturing Technology also to custom made implants production. Those are devices indicated patients affected by major bone losses due to revision, infection or Trauma, or for Oncologic cases treatment. Powder Manufacturing technology allows production of single-piece three-dimensional structures, impossible to create with other methods. Therefore custom implants are monolithic with a seamless distribution of 3D structure tailored to the specific patient need.

Implants are modelled on the three-dimensional reconstruction of the patient’s CT image in a relatively straight forward way.

Powder technology allows the construction of very complex structures adapting the implant to the anatomy of the patient, and not vice versa.

The implant is designed and produced in close collaboration with the Surgeon.The procedure, controlled at every stage, also provides for the production of specific, disposable, surgical instruments, drilling and cutting guides to guarantee maximum precision during the surgery.