Omnia Ti-Por®

Revision Acetabular cups


Main features:

Uncemented multi-hole hemispherical cup produced with the powder technology.

9 sizes, from 50mm up to 66mm, with 2mm increments.

Coated with the Ti-Por® three dimensional monoblock surface for bone regrowth.

Ideal for revisions and complex primary implants.

Features 10 holes, 8 of wich arrenged on the periphery and two on the apex.

Compatible with inserts in Biolox® Delta ceramic or in ETO sterilised or reticulated polyethylene.

Addiotonal fixation systems

6.5mm screws which can be angled.

8.5mm angular stability screws also available with hydroxyapatite.

lliac stems caoted in hydroxyopatite. The stem/cup inclination can be changed by useing one of the two apical holes.

Caudal hooks and cranial plates or hooks can be applied to the periphery of the implant.

Titanium three dimensional reticular peripheral shims, constructed with the powder technology, to fill perimetral and medial bone defects. They can be fixed to the cup witout the use of the cement.