Modular Necks System

The Modula® Modular neck System

Modula® is the latest development of the original modular necks concept. The Modula® system is currently the most complete, logical and accurate mean to restore the anatomy of patients requiring hip replacement. It provides surgeons with the broadest and thorough range of options to restore the correct offset, anterior-posterior coverage and length of the articulation being operated.


The Modula® Linear Matrix

The Modula® system is based on a linear square matrix. It’s an original patented Adler Ortho® concept, allowing the independent adjustment of each one of the 3 hip geometric paramenters (offset, length and version).

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Manufacturing process and quality control.

The entire construction process of the Modula® mobile necks is performed in-house with dedicated numerical control machines. The tolerances of the coupling cones of the femoral stems and of the modular necks are scrupulously checked.

The Modula® The Modula® SF necks are manufactured with a fully automatized process employing patented metallurgical procedures by state of the art dedicated computer controlled machines.

100% of the parts produced are checked with extremely strict qualitative criteria, using state of the art instrumentation. At the beginning of 2012, with the launch of the Modula® SF necks, Adler Ortho® introduced new patented mechanical surface treatment processes for both male and female morse tapers manufacturing. The result was a significant further enhancement of the already high Neck/Stem coupling fatigue resistance.



Adler Ortho® always employed Titanium alloy for modular necks manufacturing, considering that material the most reliable choice on the long term, because of its superior bio-compatibility and corrosion resistance when compared with other alloys such as, for example, CoCrMo.

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