Revision uncemented stems


Main features:

Titanium allow straight stem with rough surface finish.

Available in 10 sizes (from 13 to 23).

There are 2 lenghts available for each size: 210 mm (M) and 256 mm (L).

The distal 100 mm of the stem are conical with an inclination of 2°30′

The diameter of the stem is measured at 100 mm from the distal apex.

Ideal for uses when the bone defect and the fractures of the femoral canal are limited at the metaphysis and the beginning of the diaphysis or in certain exacting primary cases.

Each stem features 8 wings along its entire length: the height of the wings increases proportionally with the increase of the size of the stem.

The proximal section features a femail cone to house the Modula® modular necks.

The upper section of the stem has a cavity which can house both the stem impactor and the extraction onstruments.

Suitable for hip revisions without serious defect or losses of substance and/or failure in the distal part of the femoral canal.